Greetings on Border Guards' Day

    To the command, personnel, and veterans of the border service of the Republic of Belarus

    Dear friends,

    At all times protection of the Fatherland's borders was one of the most difficult and important tasks performed by the best soldiers. And today's generation Belarusian border guards cherish military traditions and display first-class military training.

    In the recent years border service is being reformed, measures are taken to raise the efficiency of protection of the national borders, all issues connected with the development of the industry is being solved.

    Our borders are always open for business cooperation and development of friendly ties with neighboring countries. At the same time, they are an effective barrier against modern challenges and threats.

    I am grateful and wish health to our veterans who dedicated their lives to the protection of borders of the Fatherland.

    I am convinced that border protection agencies will be a stronghold of security of our country.

    I wish you every success, strong health, and well-being.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko