Meeting with head of Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen Igor Shunevich, Deputy Prime Minister Leonid Zayats

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has received a report from the head of the national state and public association Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen Igor Shunevich and Deputy Prime Minister Leonid Zayats, who oversees these affairs.

Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed the society’s importance. “It might be more important than some government agency. Because it represents a most important resource of the state. Several words with a fresh look. How do you feel yourself over there? What is the situation over there and what needs to be done to step up this work?” he wondered.

The head of state noted that creating a hunting and fishing museum had been suggested. “We should also think about it. Well, if they don’t ask for money, why should we be against it? I think we should okay it,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

“Fight against African swine fever is another matter we’ve known about for ages. We should get hunters involved in it if necessary. You are familiar with the matter, there is nothing to be afraid of here. Including compensation procedures for killing boars [wild boars are the main carrier for this disease, which can be dangerous for the pig farming industry] and the rest,” the head of state mentioned.

“On the whole, a bunch of issues we have to address. Please, I want you to elaborate on this topic. And other matters that need to be discussed,” the Belarusian leader added.