Distinguished Belarusians honoured with state awards

    Under the Decree by the head of state signed on 16 July, a number of distinguished citizens of the republic have been honoured with state awards in recognition of their long-lasting fruitful work, professional excellence, attainment of considerable production results, irreproachable service, exemplary fulfilment of their service duties, achievements in law drafting activities, education, culture and sport.

    The Order "For Service to the Motherland", Third Class, has been presented to Major-General Alexander Anisimov.

    The Order of Honor has been conferred on worker of Rechitsa hardware plant Viktor Kavun, chief coach and coaching athlete of the Belarusian weightlifting team Vikror Shilai and Anastasiya Novikova.

    The medal "For Distinction in Military Service" has been bestowed upon Senior Lieutenant Sergei Marchuk and Senior Warrant Officer Mikhail Savitsky. The medal "For Distinction in Protection of Public Order" has been given to Captain Vadim Romeiko.

    The medal for labor service has been bestowed upon 28 people.

    The Medal of Francysk Skaryna has been conferred on Chairman of Armenian cultural and educational society Hayastan Georgi Yegiazaryan, artists of the Tsitovich National Academic Chorus of Belarus and the Kharoshki dance company.

    The medal for irreproachable service has been presented to a number of servicemen.

    The People's Artist of Belarus title has been conferred on ballet dancers of the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater Olga Gaiko and Lyudmila Kudryavtseva.

    The Honored Artist of Belarus title has been bestowed upon artist of the Belarusian State Academic Symphony Orchestra Yulia Stefanovich.

    The Honored Builder of the Republic of Belarus title has been conferred on Director General of MAPID Ivan Yancharsky. The Honored Coach of the Republic of Belarus title has been bestowed upon chief coach of Arkatron's handball team Vladimir Azov.