Distinguished Belarusians honored with state awards

    State decorations of the Republic of Belarus were bestowed upon 72 representatives of various professions in recognition of many-year productive work, exemplary fulfillment of service duties and professional excellence, attainment of good production results in machine-building and light industry, improvement of the tax system and implementation of the national information policy, and also in recognition of a big personal contribution to the development of communications, education, culture, art and sport. The corresponding decree was signed by President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko.

    The Order of Fatherland 3rd Class was presented to chief coach of the handball club SKA-Minsk Spartak Mironovich.

    Workers of the management company of the holding company Minsk Motor Plant were decorated with the Order of Honor. Among the awardees are turner of the project shop Anatoly Lozovsky, driver Oleg Levdansky, engine test operator Viktor Savchuk, electrician Vasily Tarasevich.

    The Order of Francysk Skaryna was conferred on Alexander Kremko, orchestra artist of the Zhinovich National Academic Folk Orchestra of the Belarusian State Philharmonics, and Vladimir Radivilov, standup artist of the concert and tour department of the Belarusian State Philharmonics.

    A number of people received medals for courage and medals for excellence in the emergency prevention and relief operations.

    Many people received medals for excellent labor. Among them are Chairman of the Vitebsk Oblast Council of Deputies Alexander Atyasov and First Deputy Economy Minister Anatoly Filonov.

    Medals of Francysk Skaryna were bestowed upon chief director of the Belarusian Army Drama Theater Marina Dudareva and director of the Belarusian office of the Mir Interstate TV and Radio Company Vladimir Pertsov.

    A group of people received honorary titles, namely the Honored Artist of Belarus title, the Honored Worker of the Manufacturing Sector of Belarus title, the Honored Master of Sport of Belarus title, the Honored Coach of Belarus title.