Distinguished Belarusians honored with state awards

    For excellent work, achievements in ensuring economic security of the country, commitment to the national information policy, great personal contribution to the preservation of the flora and fauna, the development of science, culture, the construction industry, and sports 17 workers of various industries were decorated with state awards. The relevant decree was signed by the President of Belarus on 6 January.

    A medal for labor services was bestowed upon ten people. Among the awardees are head of the Vitebsk Oblast inspection for the protection of flora and fauna Vasily Lemeshev and First Deputy Director General of the BelTA News Agency Igor Lutsky.

    A medal of Francysk Skaryna was conferred on five people, including editor-in-chief of the Belaruskaya Dumka Magazine Vadim Gigin, photo reporter of the BelTA photo information department Viktor Tolochko, member of the Belarusian Union of Cinematographers Vera Savina.

    The Merited Scientist title was awarded to the chairman of Belarus' Higher Accreditation Commission, Anatoly Afanasyev.

    The Merited Master of Sports title was presented to the coaching athlete of the national swimming team, Alexandra Gerasimenya.

    In line with another decree, William Joseph Grant, head of the Chernobyl Aid Ireland Charity, was awarded with the Order of Francysk Skaryna.