Decree No. 426 as of 1 September 2014

    Concerning the amendments to Decrees No. 498 and No. 643

    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed relevant Decree No. 426 "Concerning the amendments and additions to Decree No. 498 of the President of the Republic of Belarus as of 15 October 2007 and Decree No. 643 as of 17 December 2007” on 1 September.

    The Decree amends the list of the government agencies and other organizations responsible for the review of complaints and appeals in certain walks of life, approved by Decree No. 498 as of 15 October 2007.

    Thus, the justice authorities and enforcement authorities will be in charge of the review of appeals on the work of the enforcement bodies.

    The terms of reference of the judiciary include the review of the appeals regarding the observance of the legislation on notaries, legal profession, and legal services. At the same time the responsibility to review the appeals on the work of courts will be transferred from justice authorities to judicial authorities.

    The decree lists the organizations responsible for the review of complaints and appeals in the field of legal assistance: the Belarusian chamber of notaries and its territorial branches (notary issues), regional (Minsk city) and national bar association (regarding lawyers’ activities).

    The Decree also amends Decree No.643 as of 17 December 2007 "Concerning the easing of the rules governing the departure from the Republic of Belarus". Thus the Supreme Court will take over the responsibilities of the Justice Ministry to manage the data bank of the citizens whose departure from Belarus has been temporarily restricted by the courts.