Day of Knowledge greetings

    Dear friends,

    Happy Day of Knowledge!

    This wonderful day has a special place in the hearts of all generations of Belarusians. Whatever heights we reach, school is the starting point of our journey, because education is the basis of our career success. The heartwarming memories of the years spent at school and university, of our favorite teachers and faithful friends will always stay in our hearts and give us strength in time of need.

    Education, knowledge and experience are highly demanded today. Belarus is now pursuing a path of modernization and innovations. The domestic economy needs highly qualified professionals with creative mind and vision. Young people need to study hard, constantly learn something new and never be afraid to pursue their dreams.

    The Day of Knowledge is celebrated by thousands of school and university students, including first-graders. The first bell will open the door to the fascinating world of knowledge for them. They have a wonderful time ahead, a time of interesting meetings and unforgettable experience.

    On this day the most heartfelt wishes go to our respected and loved teachers, for whom education is a biggest passion and a sense of life. I would like to wish you wisdom and patience, love and appreciation.

    I wish you many successes in your studies and work, the joy of discoveries and many enjoyable events.

    Happy Day of Knowledge!

    Aleksandr Lukashenko