Commentary to Ordinance No. 2 and Decree No. 92 of 20 February 2015

    On 20 February President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed ordinance No. 2 to introduce additions and amendments to ordinance No. 28 of 17 December 2002 “Concerning the state regulation of the manufacture, sale, and consumption of tobacco raw materials and products” and additions to ordinance No. 3 of 29 February 2008 “Concerning certain aspects of state regulation of the manufacture, sale, and advertizing of beer, alcohol and tobacco products”.

    The head of state also signed decree No. 92 to introduce amendments and additions to decree No. 450 of 1 September 2010 “Concerning the licensing of certain activities”.

    These documents enhance state control over the sale of alcohol and tobacco products, and aim to prevent the sale of low-quality and falsified products on the domestic market of Belarus.

    Apart from that, the official documents provide for a number of measures to reduce access to alcohol and tobacco products and eradicate shadow sales.