Commentary to Decree No. 90 of 25 February 2013

    The system of interior affairs agencies is being reformed in Belarus. The President signed relevant decree No. 90 “Concerning measures to improve activity of the interior affairs agencies of the Republic of Belarus” on 25 February.

    In particular, the department of interior affairs in transport of the Interior Ministry has been abolished. Its functions and staff have been transferred to the Main Department of Interior Affairs of the Minsk City Council and interior affairs departments of oblast executive committees.

    The investigation department will be established at the main investigation department of the Interior Ministry.

    The Interior Minister is vested with new authorities. Particularly, the minister has the right to establish a public council at the Interior Ministry, approve the resolution regarding this council and its composition, approve the rules of professional ethics of the personnel of interior affairs agencies.

    The activity of healthcare institutions subordinate to the Interior Ministry and regional interior affairs agencies has been optimized, too.

    Apart from individual clauses the decree shall enter into force on 1 April 2013