Commentary to Decree No. 64 “Concerning car recycling fee”

    Car recycling fee has been introduced in Belarus. Corresponding decree No. 64 “Concerning car recycling fee” has been signed by Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko.

    The document aims to ensure rational use of natural resources and environmental protection and provides for maximum use of recyclable materials.

    The decree has introduced the car recycling fee, specified who will pay the fee and determined the order of calculation and collection of the fee.

    The document specifies types and categories of vehicles subject to the car recycling fee payment. These include cross-country vehicles with electric engines, except for those equipped with a hybrid propulsion system, dump trucks which can be used in roadless terrain with a weight of more than 50 tonnes, and cars imported by physical bodies for personal use regardless of the engine capacity.

    The car recycling fee will be collected once per one vehicle taking into consideration basic rates and relevant coefficients determined by the government. Such vehicles include industrial and alienable cars, including vehicles that can be used for manufacturers’ needs; cars imported by physical bodies for personal use; cars which are imported from the Customs Union member states and are subject to state registration.

    The car recycling fee shall be collected from legal persons and physical bodies who manufactured or sold transport vehicles in the country; went through customs declaration of personal-use vehicles; imported cars from the Customs Union member states; acquired transport vehicles, previous owners of which did not pay the car recycling fee.

    The car recycling fee will not apply to vehicles imported by physical bodies with a refugee status or people who can permanently live in the Republic of Belarus; cars imported by diplomats; vehicles produced by Belarusian manufacturers which have to guarantee safe disposal of broken cars.

    The Council of Ministers will authorize state administration bodies to collect the fee. The State Customs Committee will collect fees from those who import cars in Belarus. The Tax and Duties Ministry will take fees from Belarusian car manufacturers.