Commentary to Decree No. 458 of 7 October 2013

    President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 458 “Concerning additions and amendments to Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 51 of 30 January 2003” on 7 October.

    In line with the document, rules of promotional games will be amended in Belarus. The decree aims to protect the rights and interests of consumers and prevent violations that can be committed by the organizers of such games.

    In accordance with the decree, persons who maintain labor relations with the organizer of a promo game, their spouses and other relatives are prohibited from taking part in a promo game.

    The decree specifies the order of allocation of the prize pool and the distribution of funds, including money, goods (works, services) that were not claimed by the prize winner. Since the prize pool has been shaped and before the game is complete the organizer and other interested parties are not allowed to use the prize pool. All funds are to be used according to the intended purpose.

    The decree envisages that minimum rates should be imposed on mail and SMS messages sent as part of the promotional game. The norm will help avoid cases when organizers of promotional games get unjustified income from overrated services.

    In line with the decree, the organizer will be responsible for the authenticity of documents and data he/she provides to register a promotional game. The organizer will be also held responsible for the violations of legislation made by the commission in charge of the promo game.