Commentary to Decree No. 450 of 13 December 2016

    More than 25 Belarusian athletes and coaches have been honored with state awards in recognition of their achievements at the 2015 European Games in Baku, the 31st Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the 15th Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and a big personal contribution to the development of physical fitness and sport. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed corresponding decree No. 450 on 13 December.

    Member of the Belarusian Paralympic team Igor Boky, member of the Belarusian trampoline team Vladislav Goncharov have been honored with the Orders of Fatherland 3rd Class.

    The Orders of Honor have been conferred on member of the Belarusian swimming team Alexandra Gerasimenya, member of the Belarusian weightlifting team Darya Naumova, and member of the national table tennis team Vladimir Samsonov.

    Coach and doctor of the national shooting team Valery Belan and chief coach of the national Paralympic team Maria Grigoryan have been honored with the medals for excellent labor.

    In accordance with the decree, a number of Belarusian athletes and coaches became honored masters of sport and honored coaches of Belarus.