Commentary to Decree No. 426 of 27 September 2012

    On 27 September President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 426 “On deployment of automated road toll system at several Belarusian motorways”.

    The document envisages that an automated road toll system will be deployed at several Belarusian motorways. The system will not require vehicles to stop and will not use toll gates.

    In line with the decree vehicles with the total designed weight under 3.5 tonnes, which are registered in a Customs Union member state, will be able to travel free of charge as well as motorbikes registered in Belarus, wheeled tractors and self-propelled vehicles, emergency service vehicles, vehicles used for defense and law enforcement, vehicles used in regular urban passenger transportation, vehicles used to provide medical aid or respond to emergencies or deliver humanitarian aid to the population of Belarus and other countries.