Commentary to Decree No. 398 of 6 August 2014

    On 6 August President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 398 “Concerning additions and amendments to decree No. 613 of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 26 November 2010”.

    The document aims to improve the legislation which regulates the movement of heavy and (or) large transport vehicles on Belarusian motorways.

    In line with the decree, heavy and (or) large transport vehicles that are used for the maintenance of motorways will be exempt from paying road tolls.

    The new decree includes the maximum allowed axle weights of transport vehicles and limits necessitated by unfavorable weather conditions.

    The decree has introduced amendments to the provision regarding the payment of road tolls by the owners of heavy and (or) large transport vehicles. In line with the document, if the total weight or the axle weight of a transport vehicle exceeds the allowed figure by more than 10% it cannot cross the border of the Republic of Belarus without a special permission.

    In case workers of the Transport Inspectorate find out that the owner of a transport vehicle does not have a special permission, deviates from the route or violates traffic regulations, they can stop this transport vehicle until a corresponding permission is obtained and necessary payments are made.

    The decree will help protect motorways in unfavorable weather conditions, increase the durability of roads and ramp up the traffic safety.