Commentary to Decree No. 361 of 5 October 2017

    The Center of Nuclear and Radiation Safety is founded in Belarus. This is envisaged in Decree No. 361 which was signed by Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko on 5 October.

    In accordance with the document, the Center of Nuclear and Radiation Safety has been set up under the aegis of the Emergencies Ministry. It will constantly an independently provide scientific and technical assistance to the audit body. This institution is an indispensable part of the regulatory infrastructure in the country and complies with the recommendations of the IAEA.

    The center will coordinate the work of scientific and technical experts concerning the evaluation of safety of nuclear installations and ionizing radiation sources. It will also inspect the safety of nuclear energy facilities.

    The center will analyze the nuclear and radiation environment, the influence of various factors, including natural and man-made ones, on the safety of construction objects and components in the nuclear energy industry, possible risks and efficiency of radiation protection for people working with nuclear materials and ionizing radiation sources.

    Other functions include the analysis of the nuclear wastes processing efficiency, providing assistance in making decisions on emergency preparedness and response, preparation and implementation of international scientific programs, scientific research in nuclear and radiation safety.