Commentary to Decree No 325 of 23 July 2013

    On 23 July President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 325 “Concerning the State Security Committee (KGB)”.

    The document includes the provision on the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus and the list of military units and other agencies subordinate to the KGB. A number of decrees and norms regulating the operation of the KGB in the aforementioned area have been repealed.

    The decree provides for the tasks, functions and authorities of the State Security Committee.

    It was necessary to work out the legal act to comply with the norms of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of 10 July 2012 “Concerning state security bodies” and a number of other legal documents which envisage amending the existing provision.

    The provision also includes norms regulating specific functions of the KGB.