Commentary to Decree No. 318 of 23 August 2016

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 318 “Concerning the introduction of the visa-free entry and departure for foreigners” on 23 August.

    The document introduces a visa-free entry and departure to and from Belarus and facilitates staying conditions for tourists for a period of up to five days in the tourism and recreation park Augustow Canal and adjacent territories.

    This regime applies to foreign citizens crossing the Belarusian-Polish border at the border checkpoints Lesnaya (Rudawka) and Bruzgi (Kuznica Bialostocka), the Belarusian-Lithuanian border at the border checkpoints Privalka (Svendubre) and Privalka (Raigardas).

    The facilitation of visiting conditions will help attract more tourists to the Augustow Canal, provide jobs to local people, raise the inflow of investments for the development of the Augustow Canal’s infrastructure, and hold more large-scale international tourism and sports events.

    The decree will be in force till 31 December 2017 and can be prolonged for an indefinite period. The provisions of the decree concerning the visa-free entry and departure for foreigners will enter into force in two months after its official publication.