Commentary to Decree No. 30 of 28 January 2016

     On 28 January, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 30 to approve the State Investment Program for 2016.

    Plans have been made to allocate Br4,584.1 billion for the financing of 99 objects. The state capital investments will make up Br1,156.1 billion; the reserve fund of the Belarusian President will provide Br730 billion; the republican road fund – Br1,065.5 billion. This amount of financing also includes Br517 billion from the funds used for the preservation and expansion of arable lands, Br1,115.4 billion from the national targeted budget fund of national development.

    There are plans to launch the construction (renovation) of 19 new facilities, including nine residential houses for the families with adopted children, a kindergarten for 190 children in residential district No. 2, water field No. 2, and boiler house No. 2 in Ostrovets, the second artificial runway at the National Airport Minsk. Eleven projects which are currently being built will be commissioned this year.

    On the whole, there are plans to commission 36 objects in 2016.