Commentary to Decree No. 209 of 18 May 2015

    On 18 May President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 209 “Concerning the use of renewable energy”.

    In order to create more favorable conditions for investing in the construction of renewable energy facilities and to guarantee that the state will protect investments in such projects the Decree envisages that the multiplying coefficients used to calculate tariffs on electricity which is produced using renewable energy sources within ten years since the commissioning of these units will remain unchanged.

    The document also provides for differentiated coefficients regardless of the types of renewable energy sources and other parameters of power units (electric capacity, operating life of equipment, etc.).

    The government will be entitled to determine and distribute quotas for the construction of various power units running on solar and wind energy, water and biogas to calculate the economically justified volumes of construction and solve other issues.