Commentary to Decree No. 204 of 6 June 2017

    A mechanism of marking goods with identification signs has been streamlined in Belarus. This is envisaged in Decree No. 204 “On amending the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus” which was signed by Aleksandr Lukashenko on 6 June 2017.

    The document aims to improve the mechanism of marking goods with control (identification) signs in accordance with the practice of application, the fulfillment of obligations under the agreement on the implementation of a pilot project to introduce the marking of apparel, accessories, and other fur clothes with control (identification) signs.

    In accordance with the decree, legal entities and self-employed businessmen shall not mark imported fur products (in case of wholesale trade when commodities are imported from one EAEU member state to another EAEU member state) with Belarusian control (identification) signs if they already have control (identification) signs of one of the EAEU member states. However, it will be essential to post information about such goods in the Database of Electronic Passports of Goods before they are imported to Belarus or shipped from authorized warehouses.

    It will be essential to mark fur products with control (identification) signs when they are exported to the territory of other EAEU states.

    Besides, the decree specified a list of economic operators who shall enter the information about products subject to marking in the Database of Electronic Passports of Goods. This database will have the status of a national component of the information system of marking.

    The State Customs Committee shall provide the information about products included in the list of good subject to marking with control (identification) signs to the Center of Identification Systems.

    It will be unnecessary to mark products obtained within the framework of international technical aid programs (except for cases when the information about certain goods shall be included in the Database of Electronic Passports of Goods).

    Apart from that, it will not be needed to mark goods under customs control in customs control zones, at temporary storage facilities and bonded warehouses, Belarusian-made goods meant for export when they are transported to storage facilities or kept there.

    In accordance with the decree, the terms of providing quarterly reports on the application of control (identification) signs and the volume of marked goods will be harmonized with the Tax Code of Belarus.