Commentary to Decree No. 188 of 3 June 2016

    A single antimonopoly body, the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade, is set up on the basis of the Belarusian Trade Ministry. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed corresponding decree No. 188 “Concerning antimonopoly regulation and trade bodies” on 3 June.

    The ministry will include the Pricing Policy Department of the Economy Ministry, antimonopoly and pricing policy departments of oblast executive committees and the Minsk City Hall.

    The new antimonopoly agency will prevent monopolistic activities and promote competition on Belarusian commodity markets. It will also regulate activities of subjects of natural monopolies, prices and tariffs, monitor and regulate the consumer market, public procurement contracts, advertizing and consumer protection activities.

    The new ministry will do its best to protect the country’s internal market by creating equal conditions for all participants.

    An independent centralized antimonopoly system was created in order to protect fair competition, create civilized and efficient instruments of pricing control.