Commentary to Decree No. 187 of 25 May 2017

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 187 “Concerning the republican system for public security monitoring” on 25 May.

    The document envisages the development of exiting video surveillance complexes for the maintenance of public order by creating a centralized monitoring system on the basis of unified technical regulations.

    The main objective is to monitor public security for ensuring public order, prevention and detection of crimes and other wrongdoings, search for criminals and missing persons, prevention and mitigation of emergencies.

    For this purpose, it is needed to develop video analytics software and special detectors in the system of monitoring. It is planned to create video archives for the search of necessary information.

    The document also envisages the automatic provision of information about events having an impact on public security to government bodies. Other competent agencies will be also authorized to get information obtained with the help of the monitoring system.

    In accordance with the document, the Interior Ministry will be authorized to coordinate the activities of government bodies and other organizations concerning the creation, operation and use of the monitoring system.