Commentary to Decree No. 185 of 24 April 2014

    On 24 April President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 185 “Concerning the registration of unregistered civilian weapons”.

    The document aims to prevent wrongdoings which are committed using weapons that were not registered in line with the bill “Concerning weapons” of 13 November 2001.

    Unregistered weapons are still used for illegal hunting and other offences, including those resulting in grave consequences.

    As a rule, such weapons are kept in inappropriate conditions.

    In line with the existing legislation, a person is not allowed to register unaccounted weapons. In accordance with Article 24 of the bill, a person is forbidden to store and use found or handed on weapons which do not belong to them. Such weapons should be delivered to law enforcement bodies immediately.

    Nevertheless, people often ask the Interior Ministry to explain the procedure of registration for such weapons. That means that the weapons can be used illegally.

    In line with the Decree, administrative sanctions will not apply to citizens of the Republic of Belarus, foreign nationals and stateless persons permanently residing in Belarus in case they register civilian weapons or submit them to law enforcement bodies before 1 July 2014.

    For the registration of weapons it is necessary to hand in an application to the local police station.

    The Decree shall enter into force after its official publication.