Commentary to Decree No. 140 of 26 March 2012

    On 26 March President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 140 "On Placing under the Customs Procedure Internal-Use Goods Which Are the Object of the Administrative Customs Offence."

    In order to protect the interests of buyers, the Decree stipulates that in case goods were illegally imported to the customs territory of the Customs Union and the administrative offender was not found, buyers have the right to declare such goods. If the buyer refuses to do relevant customs procedures, the decision on these goods will be made by court.

    In case the offender will be later found, he will pay all customs fees. The fees that have been paid already will be returned.

    The Decree also envisages that goods which are objects of the administrative customs offence cannot be confiscated.

    The Decree enters into force in ten days after its official publication.