Commentary to Decree No. 130 of 20 March 2014

    The revised version of the rules of admission to universities and vocational schools has been approved in Belarus. President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed corresponding decree No. 130 “Concerning amendments and additions to presidential decree No. 80 of 7 February 2006” on 20 March.

    The new version will preserve existing approaches to the organization of the enrollment campaign based on the results of the central national test. In line with the new version, separate enrollment competition for the graduates of town and village schools will be abolished. Apart from that, educational establishments will no longer hold the professional psychological assessment for persons who will major in public administration, law and journalism.

    There are also plans to promote employer-sponsored education. In particular, agreements on employer-sponsored education can be concluded between the employer and university applicants regardless of their place of residence and scores for their future majors in education certificates. Employer-sponsored education will make up 60% of admission quotas in agricultural universities, 40% in other universities; 60% of admission quotas in agricultural and medical colleges, 30% in other colleges.

    Educational establishments can hold an additional enrollment campaign if there are vacant places after the main enrollment campaign in line with the terms and conditions determined by the Education Ministry.

    Authorized delegates of applicants can submit documents to educational institutions on their behalf.

    The decree provides for a number of preferences for persons who will major in agricultural, pedagogic, military sciences, physical education and sport.

    Other additions and amendments will be introduced taking into account proposals of the state commission for enrollment campaign.

    The decree will help raise the efficiency of the enrollment campaign and create favorable conditions for university and college applicants.