Ceremony to honor graduates of military universities and high-ranking officers

  • 15

Before the entire world Belarus openly demonstrates the readiness and the ability to defend its national interests by all means. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement at the ceremony held on 15 July to honor graduates of higher military education institutions and high-ranking officers.

The head of state underlined that in modern complicated conditions Belarus protects its sovereignty by relying on its own forces and on cooperation in the UnionState of Belarus and Russia, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, and cooperation with friendly nations. “We openly demonstrate the readiness and the ability to defend our national interests by all means before the entire world. To do that, we have created a modern army, which is able to adequately respond to external and internal threats to the national security and able to reliably protect the peaceful work of the Belarusian nation,” said the President.

In his words, the personnel of the Belarusian army and other power-wielding agencies boast high morale and enjoy respect of the Belarusian people while the national military school allows training military specialists for the sake of national defense in the entire range of specializations from the tactical control level to the strategic control level. “The quality and effectiveness of training in the MilitaryAcademy have been recognized far abroad. It is testified by the interest of military agencies of many countries in getting their military specialists trained in our military education institutions,” remarked Aleksandr Lukashenko.

The head of state underlined that the enhancement of the state security is a continuous process. Competence in one’s field, the development of balanced and well-reasoned decisions, discipline, stamina, personal responsibility for assignments have been and are the main qualities of Belarusian officers. “You will be the ones to handle complicated and responsible tasks involved in maintaining the combat readiness and mobilization readiness of military units, in protecting the state border and public peace, in ensuring the security of citizens and national economy facilities,” noted the President.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also emphasized that bolstering the society’s patriotism feelings, the readiness to protect national interests should become one of the priority avenues of efforts of Belarusian officers. “The crucial thing is that you will be the ones to train your subordinates, who have been born and have grown in the sovereign country,” stressed the head of state.

“The people of Belarus have entrusted you with the most precious thing — the peaceful present and the peaceful future. Be worthy of this trust,” said the Belarusian leader.

Aleksandr Lukashenko conferred general’s shoulder boards on senior officers of the Belarusian Armed Forces, the Interior Ministry, the State Border Committee, the Investigation Committee, the Prosecutor General's Office. He also presented official letters of thanks to the best graduates of Belarusian military universities.

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, it is symbolic that the ceremony brought together graduates of military schools, who are at the very beginning of their military career, and experienced generals. “Let it be a very important, albeit not the main, goal in your life. We have few generals and to become a general in Belarus is not only an honor but also a great responsibility,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

“I hope that you will selflessly serve in the peaceful time and that we will never have to be at war. The major mission of the army is to prevent war,” the head of state said.