Belarus’ state investment program for 2020 approved

    Belarus’ state investment program for 2020 has been approved by Decree No.468 signed by Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko.

    Taking into account the investment opportunities of the national budget, the program will concentrate funds on the facilities to be commissioned in 2020 and on transitional facilities with a high degree of construction readiness.

    Some Br581 million will earmarked to finance 107 facilities included in the program in 2020, including Br177 million from state capital investments, Br134 million from the reserve fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus, and Br105 million from the state designated fund for national development.

    In addition, plans are in place to start financing the construction (reconstruction) of 27 facilities in 2020, including an indoor ice arena and a bus station in the town of Ostrovets, a secondary school and a dormitory of the National Children's Technopark, kindergartens in Minsk Oblast, Alexander Nevsky Church at the Military Cemetery in Minsk, Medical Rehabilitation Center for Internationalist Soldiers in Vitebsk, bridge over the Zapadny Bug River on Road Р94 Brest - Border of the Republic of Poland (Domachevo), and seven residential homes for families raising orphaned children.

    Plans are in place to put 48 facilities into operation in 2020. This suggests the construction of a district hospital, a youth creativity center in Ostrovets, a school of the National Children’s Technopark in Minsk, a sport and cultural center of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts, a security center of the Emergencies Ministry in Minsk, and two clinics in Gomel. The program also envisages the reconstruction of the national gymnasium of the Belarusian State Academy of Music, Zhirovichi Monastery and other facilities.