Belarus President’s speech at the Independence Day parade

  • 23
  • 56:38
Comrade soldiers, sergeants, warrant officers and officers!

Dear war veterans!

Dear compatriots and guests!

Today our country celebrates Independence Day. We celebrate the key state holiday today — 3 July — because our people willed it. The choice testifies to the historic memory of Belarusians and the continuity of generations. In our hearts Belarus’ independence is inseparable from the country’s liberation from the Nazi invaders.

We will never forget those, who liberated us from the Nazi oppression. The great victory was achieved thanks to the heroic deeds of the Red Army soldiers and hard work on the homefront, thanks to the perseverance and unity of all the Soviet people.

The Belarusian nation made a huge contribution to the downfall of the Nazis. The fact has been recognized by the international community. This is why Belarus is a founding country of the United Nations Organization.

We are proud of the fact that Belarus is an established independent nation that pursues a peaceful multiple-vector foreign policy. Equality of all countries and their non-interference with domestic affairs of each other represent our unwavering principle. We are in favor of resolving any international conflicts through negotiations only.

Unfortunately, other countries are unwilling to follow the example. What do we have as a result? The global instability is on the rise. The international security system lies in ruins. European countries pursue the policy of militarization. They are joining the arms race and are making military preparations. The USA is deploying a missile defense system near our borders and is building up its nuclear potential.

The modern Belarusian army is our answer. It is getting constantly modernized. It is mobile, well-trained and armed.

It is worth saying that the Belarusian defense industry makes a tangible contribution to improving combat capabilities of the Belarusian army.

The Belarusian missile industry is successfully developing in the country. One can name over 100 Belarusian innovative defense products.

The weaponry we have will be demonstrated during today’s parade. Everyone will be able to see that we have everything necessary to repulse any aggression.

Belarus’ policy is transparent. We have nothing to hide. Together with brotherly Russia we defend the borders of our emerging UnionState.

Our strategic goal is to further advance relations with the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. They are our reliable partners and true friends. We have a common history and protect the world from new threats today.

On this holiday I would like to address you, dear veterans. You did not let the invaders bring our country to its knees in the years of the most dreadful war. You brought freedom to the native land. We are proud of you and will endeavor to live up to the standards of the glorious generation of the victors.

Dear compatriots,

On this important day I wish you happiness, health and wellbeing, peace and every success in the work for the benefit of our Belarus.

Let’s honor our heroes who protected the Homeland in fierce battles!

Let’s honor our workers who restored the country from ruins and turned it into a wonderful piece of land!

Let’s honor our army which is the guarantor of the inviolability of the borders of the Fatherland!

Let’s honor Belarusian people!

Happy Independence Day, Belarus!