Belarus President’s speech at the Independence Day military parade

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Belarus President’s speech at the Independence Day military parade

Comrade soldiers, sergeants and officers!

Dear war veterans!

Dear compatriots and guests!

Today Belarus is marking its main national holiday, Independence Day

25 years ago our country gained independence and a chance to choose its own path of development.

By the will of the Belarusian people expressed at the national referendum Independence Day is marked on the day of Minsk’ liberation from the Nazi invaders. “Freedom”, “victory”, “sovereignty” are great and sacred words for all of us.

Our unconquered Belarusian people demonstrated the world an example of self-sacrificing struggle against the aggressor through mass resistance to the enemy.

This year we have marked the 75th anniversary of the start of the Great Patriotic War. We will never forget that war which took every third live of the Belarusian population.

Those events reminded us once again of the treacherousness of the Nazis. The lessons should be learnt both from victories and defeats. The main thing is to make sure that such tragedy should not happen again.

Historic experience proves that diplomacy alone cannot protect the country. There is a need for an efficient defense system. The strength of the state lies in its ability to forestall and pre-empt danger.

Unfortunately, military force remains one of the major arguments in international relations. This means that every state that values its integrity and independence must be able to defend its people.

This is why Belarus will continue strengthening its army equipping it with advanced weapons and hardware.

Today’s parade will feature the Multi-Launch Rocket System Polonez. It is a cutting-edge system which is vital for deterring aggression against our country.

Of no less importance is the fact that Belarus has a status of a space power.

The country’s Armed Forces have been continuously improving their combat skills. Troops of territorial defense hold regular exercises.

Every Belarusian can rest assured that no one will ever be allowed to destabilize the situation in the country, violate its sovereignty and integrity.

Dear Comrades!

The main areas for the country’s development for the next five years have been approved at the recent 5th Belarusian People’s Congress.

This nationwide forum demonstrated our social cohesion, peaceful and multitrack policy based on principles of good neighborliness and cooperation.

We have been closely cooperating with our allies and, first of all, with our sister nation Russia. We have been developing dialogue with neighbors and western countries.

Over the years of independence we have not gotten drawn into any reckless political schemes, any international conflict.

We are looking into the future with confidence and cherish the glorious history of our country.  

Let us forever cherish the memory of the heroes who died defending our Fatherland. Let us live up to their great feat.

I wish everyone peace, happiness, health and every success for the benefit of our Motherland.

Eternal glory to the Belarusian people who defended the freedom and independence of the country.

Long live our Motherland, the Republic of Belarus.

Eternal glory to its valiant Armed Forces.

Happy Independence Day!