Belarus President’s greetings on Independence Day

    Dear compatriots,

    I cordially congratulate you on Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus.

    This year we are marking the 25th anniversary of our country’s sovereignty. This holiday embodies the historical continuity and the choice in favor of the independent development based on the principles of justice, care for people, social and political stability and multitrack foreign policy

    3 July, the day of the liberation of the Belarusian capital from the Nazis, is fateful in its meaning for our people. Following the nationwide referendum this date was declared the Day of the Republic. Today, by tradition, we pay tribute to the memory of those fallen on the battlefields in the name of our Motherland and honor the feats of arms and labor of the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

    Over the years of independence Belarus has achieved great results in industry and agriculture, science and social sector, foreign policy and defense. Belarus has become an island of peace and security where citizens have confidence in their future and have every opportunity to receive decent education, work and raise children.

    I am confident that we will continue to move successfully along the path towards creation and dynamic development of the Fatherland. I wish all of you strong health, inexhaustible energy, happiness and wellbeing.

    Happy Day of the Republic!

                                  Aleksandr Lukashenko