Belarus’ president scholarships awarded to 94 young scientists

    The Scholarships of the President of the Republic of Belarus will be given to 94 young scientists. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed a corresponding order on 22 December. 
    Among those who will get the scholarships are 12 doctors of science and 55 candidates of science, and 27 scientists without academic titles. They do research in the following disciplines: physics, mathematics, engineering, chemistry, biology, medicine, agriculture, social studies and humanities (including law and psychology). 
    The results of their work have scientific and practical value for the country’s economy and social field. The relevance of their studies is proved by the fact that the findings of their research were published in leading domestic and international journals. Many new solutions were patented. 
    These scholarships are part of the state support for talented young researchers and the efforts to build the capacity of the domestic science.