Belarus President partakes in voluntary clean-up day

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko was working on the construction site of the Olympic Training Center for Rhythmic Gymnastics in Minsk during the nationwide subbotnik (a voluntary clean-up day) on 22 April.

Before starting work, the head of state was briefed on the progress in the construction. The initial project of the center was frozen and was later replaced with a more economical option with the use of computer modeling of the building. This is the most optimal option. The project provides for everything needed to train athletes in rhythmic gymnastics. Total construction readiness of the facility is 20%.

“Everything should be functional. Nothing superfluous,” the President said. The head of state was assured that excellent conditions for training and small competitions will be created there. The gymnasts appreciated the fact that the center is being built in spite of the difficulties. It means that the state pays much attention to the development of sport. It is understandable because the Belarusian school of rhythmic gymnastics is one of the best in the world.

Aleksandr Lukashenko demanded to complete the construction of the center by March 2018.

The President was working as part of the team constructing cement floors in the choreography halls. Four teams consisting of officials, athletes and coaches were working on the construction site of the rhythmic gymnastics center in Minsk.