Belarus President extends greetings on Healthcare Workers' Day

    To healthcare workers of the Republic of Belarus

    Dear friends,

    I sincerely congratulate you on the Healthcare Workers' Day.

    The whole country is joining you in the celebration of your professional holiday. This is a sign of deep respect and gratitude to practicing doctors, medical researchers, paramedics, dispensing chemists and pharmacists.

    The Belarusian healthcare industry is vigorously developing. Cutting-edge technologies, effective diagnostics methods and modern equipment are mastered by Belarusian doctors. All that allows to treat diseases which were considered incurable not long ago.

    However, the crucial role in medicine will always belong to people loyal to their vocation. Tanks to your knowledge, experience and talent people become healthy and enjoy their lives.

    Please accept my sincere gratitude for the selfless service to your duty, high professionalism and kind hearts.

    I wish you every success, happiness and well-being.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko