Belarus President approves resolution on talented youth support

    On 6 June Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed an executive order to approve the resolution of the special fund of the Belarusian President for supporting talented youth in 2016.

    Br6 billion will be allocated from the national budget for the needs of the special fund of the Belarusian President.

    The executive order also approved the resolution to award 130 talented young people.

    Monetary awards in the amount from Br12.6 million to Br19.95 million and lapel badges of the fund have been conferred on seven winners of international art competitions.

    Other monetary prizes have been bestowed upon 62 students and 13 art groups who became winners of international and national contests, the Union State contest.

    Fifteen people will receive financial awards to the tune of Br2.1 million each for the active participation in creative and art events.

    Thirty-three students in three age categories will receive scholarships in the amount from Br0.63 million to Br1.05 million.

    Three grants have been also provided from the reserve fund.

    The Belarusian State Music Academy received a grant for the organization of a series of concerts for disabled children and orphans, children of low-income parents from Minsk and Minsk Oblast.

    The Sokolovsky Gomel State College of Arts received a grant for the purchase of a concert piano.

    The Second National TV Channel received a grant for a new talent show.