Commentary to Decree No. 328 of 17 July 2015

    On 17 July Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed decree No. 328 to update the national legislation classification system. The document gives the new wording of the single legal classifier which is the basis of the existing national legislation classification system.

    The new wording was prepared by the National Center of Legal Information on the basis of scientific developments in legislation systematization. The center has applied a four-level system of classification, preserved the previous structure, total number and name sections, thus providing the maximum continuity with the current version of the legal classifier.

    In view of the continuous development of legislation, the option has been provided to enter new categories without making significant changes to the structure of the classifier and breaking the hierarchy of its headings.

    The comprehensive improvement of the structure and content of the legal classifier was necessitated by the changes in the legislation system for the past 15 years. The country has developed new branches and sub-branches of the law, introduced a new legal terminology, adopted a number of codified acts, for example, the codes of the Republic of Belarus on the judicial system and status of judges, on education, the Budget Code.