Belarus’ innovative development program for 2016-2020 approved

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has approved the state program for Belarus’ innovative development for 2016-2020. The head of state signed a corresponding decree.

    The goal of the program is to ensure quality growth and competitiveness of the national economy, to pour resources into building the high-tech sectors based on the V and VI technological paradigms.

    The program includes 75 projects to develop new industries crucial for innovative development of Belarus in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, construction, petrochemicals, medicine and pharmacy, energy, transport and agriculture.

    The implementation of the program is aimed at developing and ensuring accelerated development of high-tech sectors of the national economy, strengthening Belarus’ positions on the high-tech markets; improving the competitiveness of traditional sectors of the national economy on the basis of innovative development and advanced technologies; developing the R&D market and creating an environment conductive to innovations.

    The program may be supplemented with new projects in consultation with the head of state.

    By 2020, as a result of the implementation of the program, Belarus intends to set up more than 70 highly profitable export-oriented manufactures and about 9,000 new jobs.