Aleksandr Lukashenko wishes Happy Women's Day to Belarusian women

    Dear compatriots,

    I sincerely wish you Happy Women’s Day. It is the first spring holiday, a symbol of kindness and light that women bring to our lives.

    Your warm-heartedness and cordiality make the world better. You have great creative force which can be used for the benefit of all people around you. Nowadays you not only protect hearth an home, but also make a huge contribution to the development of healthcare, education, culture, sport, the manufacturing industry, science, the services sector. Your efforts help make Belarus a more comfortable and beautiful place every year.

    Dear grand mothers, mothers, sisters, wives and daughters, thank you for your cordiality, wisdom, understanding and mercy.

    I wish peace, health, happiness and wellbeing to you and your families.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko