Aleksandr Lukashenko, Vladimir Putin have phone conversation

    Today on Russia’s initiative the Presidents of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation Aleksandr Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin have had a telephone talk to discuss a wide range of issues regarding bilateral relations and the international agenda.

    The two leaders have discussed social and economic issues of mutual interest. They both confirmed that the bilateral cooperation has been steadily developing.

    The Presidents agreed that the social and political cooperation should be strong within the Union State.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin traditionally discussed foreign policy matters and reaffirmed the commitment to continue joint actions to strengthen the common defense space.

    The Russian President was interested in the NPP construction project in Belarus and assured the Belarusian head of state that Russia will honor all commitments under this large-scale project strictly within the agreed timeframe.

    The two leaders agreed that the issues raised in today's conversation will be discussed further during bilateral meetings in the future.