Aleksandr Lukashenko visits 5th independent special operations brigade

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The development of special forces is one of the promising avenues for the development of the Belarusian Armed Forces. Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement as he visited the 5th independent special operations brigade of the special operations forces of the Belarusian army on 13 December.

The head of state was informed about tasks and combat abilities of the brigade, the state and prospects of the development of the armament, military and special hardware of special operations forces, communication means, diving gear and equipment.

At the firing range the President examined the organization of the combat training of the brigade personnel.

Special Forces Chief Oleg Belokonev informed the President about tasks of the brigade, its combat abilities, as well as the armaments, gear and equipment used by special operations units of the Belarusian army. The special operations forces have been re-equipped in line with the government program for re-equipping special operations forces. Automobiles have been replaced with new Belarus-made off-road vehicles made by MAZ. The special operations forces now use lightly armored vehicles Bogatyr with off-road capabilities. The latest small arms and ammunition have been bought. Steerable parachutes, mountaineering and diving gear and equipment have been bought in addition to radio electronic intelligence solutions.

After that the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Belarus visited the military town and was informed about the state and capabilities of the infrastructure the brigade uses for training and the accommodation of the personnel. In line with the government program for accomplishing military towns in 2012-2013 the brigade has fully replaced engineering networks and communications, the territory of the military town has been embellished, over 60 facilities have been fixed, including 19 barracks and residential premises, auxiliary premises, 5 cultural and general purpose premises, 16 park area objects, and 14 combat training objects.

A government program has been adopted to guide the further accomplishment of Belarusian military towns in 2014-2018. The accomplishment of four military towns has been planned in line with the program. The program’s implementation will allow creating optimal conditions for accommodating the troops and their combat training.

The head of state said that Belarus may not need so many mechanized units in favor of special forces. “Such special operations forces may represent a perspective for Belarus,” said the President. He went on saying: “It may be so but you should calculate everything and determine how we should develop in the future”.

The President insisted on order in everything. “So that we could see how the guys are trained. We don’t need showcase events,” he said. Aleksandr Lukashenko was also interested in interpersonal relations inside the units. He stressed that negative phenomena should be discouraged by all means. A good microclimate should be maintained in army units. He noted that the harassment of younger fellow soldiers will not be tolerated.

The President also pointed out the need to use the potential of the young Belarusians that have passed the solid army training. “We could use these young people,” said the head of state. “These guys should not get lost. They should occupy a decent place in civilian life”.