Aleksandr Lukashenko signs order to approve Belarus President’s special fund council decision

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed the order to approve the decision of the council of the Belarus President’s special fund to support talented youth for the allocation of funds in 2014.

    An estimated Br5 billion has been allocated from the Belarus President’s reserve fund to finance the expenses of the fund in 2014.

    The document also approved the decision of the council of the fund to reward 63 persons and nine creative companies.

    Grand prizes ranging from Br7.8 million to Br11.9 million and the fund’s prize-holder badges were presented to ten winners of international art and creativity competitions.

    The fund scholarships (Br390,000-Br650,000) were given to 19 winners of nationwide contests and the Union State competitions.

    Money bonuses were presented to 37 winners of national and international art and creativity competitions.

    Six active participants of art and creativity events will get material aid to the tune of Br1.3 million.

    In 2014 the funds will be also allocated to pay bonuses to winners of the international competition of pianists Minsk 2014, the 12th international children’s competition Music of Hope, the national open competition of composers n.a. Yuri Semenyako, and others.