Aleksandr Lukashenko signs document on financing of construction, renovation of sports facilities

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed an executive order on the financing of the construction (renovation) of certain sports facilities.

    These facilities include the Belarusian applied research center for sport, a shooting complex in Uruchye, a multi-purpose gym of the Belarusian Olympic reserve college. The list also includes the development of engineering networks and the renovation of the Belarusian Olympic training center Staiki.

    The construction of these facilities was launched in accordance with the plans to develop the elite sports infrastructure in Belarus with the help of the state investment program. They will be used for the education and training of athletes of national teams, students of the Belarusian Olympic reserve college, sports schools for children and youth. The facilities will also provide sports and recuperation cervices to the population.

    Besides, the executive order of the head of state envisages the completion of the construction of hall of residence No. 2 at the Students’ Village.

    Plans have been made to use the loans of the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus to commission these facilities on time as they will be used during the 2nd European Games in 2019.