Aleksandr Lukashenko signs Directive No. 7 to improve housing and utility industry

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed Directive No. 7 “On the improvement and development of the housing and utility industry in Belarus”.

    The document has included decisions made at the nationwide conference on 20 October 2017 and the president’s instructions concerning the improvement and development of the housing and utility industry in Belarus.

    Major provisions of the Directive aim to improve the quality of services and maintain a balanced tariff policy, provide state support to low-income and underprivileged categories of people, improve the quality of work with the population, develop mechanisms of public control in the housing and utility industry, promote energy saving in the housing sector, engage people in the beautification of their communities.

    The Directive also aims to improve household waste disposal mechanisms (reduce the accumulation of waste, deeper waste recycling), gradually replace plastic packaging with environmentally-friendly materials such as glass and paper.

    A comprehensive resolution of these tasks will help raise the quality of housing and utility services and work with the population to a brand-new level, provide comfortable housing conditions, create conditions of the higher efficiency of the housing and utilities industry, sustainable development of utility infrastructure, improve the structure of management and raise the quality of personnel training in the industry.

    Plans have been made to commission 3.6 million square meters of residential housing after capital repairs and raise the recycling of municipal solid waste to 25% in 2020. It is also planned to step up efforts to provide high-quality drinking water to 100% of consumers in 2025.