Aleksandr Lukashenko signs Directive No. 6 to promote development of rural areas

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed Directive No. 6 “On the development of rural areas and higher efficiency of the agrarian industry”.

    The document has included decisions made at the nationwide conference on 3 April 2018 and the president’s instructions concerning the further development of the agrarian industry.

    Major provisions of the Directive aim to ensure the sustainable development and operation of agribusiness, implement a competitive economic policy to raise the efficiency of the market of farm produce and foodstuffs, guarantee the robust development of rural territories, promote employment and improve living standards.

    The document also aims to enhance the dependence of the personnel performance assessment on the production, executive and labor discipline, raise the quality of personnel training in the agricultural industry.

    The Directive will help increase the annual output of milk to 9 million tonnes, the output of animal husbandry products and poultry to 1.8 million tonnes in Belarus by the end of 2020. Labor productivity in the agricultural industry is expected to increase by 40%, salaries in agriculture should reach the average level in the economy.