Aleksandr Lukashenko sends Labor Day greetings

    Dear countrymen,

    I cordially wish you Happy Labor Day.

    This day symbolizes spring revival, awakening of nature, solidarity of people in enhancing peace, wellbeing, stability in the native land.

    Belarus has always been famous for talented, hardworking people willing to have good relations with neighbors and to be wealthy. Our ancestors built homes and roads, gathered crops together. And today we teach our children to respect people of labor, develop the sense of duty and responsibility.

    Honest labor is the foundation of wellbeing of every family and the society. And this holiday gives a chance to once again thank veterans and foremost people in industry, their successors and all those who build the future of their families and the country with their hands and brains.

    Accept my sincere greetings on this wonderful holiday. Let the bright day of 1 May set you in good mood, encourage you to make new achievements.

    I wish you strong health, happiness, optimism, every success in work and undertakings.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko