Aleksandr Lukashenko sends greetings to participants of Forum of Belarusian and Russian Regions

    Greetings to the participants of the Forum of Belarusian and Russian Regions

    Dear friends,

    I send my best greetings to the participants of the first Forum of Belarusian and Russian Regions.

    Our country has always been in favor of advancing ties between the countries and establishing close inter-regional cooperation. Therefore, it is not without reason that Belarus plays host to the first large-scale event which aims to enhance direct contacts between Belarusian and Russian regions.

    You have gathered together in Minsk in the landmark time – the eve of Belarus’ liberation from Nazi invaders, our main national holiday. This year we also celebrate the 15th anniversary of signing the Union State Treaty which became an important stage of integration on the post-Soviet space. During this period we established the Customs Union and the Single Economic Space, create the Eurasian Economic Union.

    Representatives of Russian regions have been, are and will always be distinguished guests in Belarus.

    I am convinced that the Forum of Belarusian and Russian Regions will help use the existing potential and open new horizons in long-term bilateral cooperation.

    I sincerely wish productive work in the best interests of the Belarusian and Russian peoples to all participants of the forum.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko