Aleksandr Lukashenko sends greetings on 70th anniversary of victory in Stalingrad battle

    Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War,

    Dear fellow citizens,
    70 years ago, on 2 February 1943, the Stalingrad battle culminated in a complete and resounding victory of the Soviet Army.

    This is the most large-scale land battle in the history of the Great Patriotic War and the Second World War which brought about a radical turn in the warfare, initiated mass expulsion of Nazi invaders from the Soviet land, inspired millions of people living on our planet with firm belief that the fascist troops will be inevitably defeated and gave hope that peace will be established.

    The Stalingrad battle became a triumph of the Soviet art of war, courage, fortitude and unbending strength of spirit of soldiers and officers of the Red Army who defeated a strong and dangerous foe overpowering fierce resistance of enemy troops in savage conditions.

    This battle became history as the precursor of the Great Victory. And today we bow before the memory of the fallen heroes who defended the right of people to freedom and happiness at the cost of their lives. We are deeply thankful to those who saved the entire Europe from fascism having gone through fierce fire, boiling water of the Volga River and bloody snow of Stalingrad and today serve as an example of courage, honor and love for the Homeland.

    Thank you, dear veterans, for what you have done for the mankind and for each of us. We, our children and grandchildren, current and future generations of Belarusians will forever revere your heroic deed, honor the sacred memory of the Great Patriotic War and do our utmost to protect hard-won friendship of the peoples and peace on the Earth.

    Dear veterans, I wish you long live and good spirits. Dear fellow citizens, I wish you health, happiness, well-being, every success in work for the benefit of our dear Belarus.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko