Aleksandr Lukashenko sends Constitution Day greetings to Belarusian people

    Dear compatriots,

    I cordially congratulate you on the Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus.

    The adoption of Principal Law is one of the most important events in the modern history of the Belarusian nation.

    The Constitution has not only consolidated the state sovereignty of Belarus, democratic principles of the power and social structure, but has also determined the vector of further development of the country, become a guideline for carrying out successful social and economic reforms.

    Today constitutional norms gain a solid foothold in the everyday life of the Belarusian people. Relying on the provisions of the Principal Law, we aspire to ensure peace and accord in the society, create necessary conditions for the realization of the creative potential of the personality, guarantee the well-being of each and every man.

    I am convinced that we will be able to make Belarus a prosperous state only if we cherish values, rights and liberties envisaged by the Constitution, preserve historical and cultural traditions of the Belarusian nation.

    I sincerely wish you strong health, happiness and joy. Let this holiday bring wealth and confidence in the future to your homes.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko