Aleksandr Lukashenko sends Belarusian Science Day greetings

    Greetings to scientists, workers of research organizations and universities

    Dear friends,

    I cordially congratulate you on the Belarusian Science Day and the 85th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

    Science creates a solid intellectual foundation of the Belarusian state, determines our progress. The entire nation is proud of renowned scientists and their achievements.

    Over the years the flagship of science, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, has turned into the largest research center in the country. It resolves both fundamental and applied research tasks and is respected all over the world.

    Today the Belarusian science needs to occupy a leading position in strategic avenues of innovative development, to match the research and inventions with everyday needs of the economy and to make sure that the results of this research is used in practice. I am convinced that our scientists will successfully cope with these important and responsible tasks.

    I wish you health, inspiration, every success in the scientific and pedagogical activity, happiness and wellbeing.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko