Aleksandr Lukashenko sends Belarusian Science Day greetings

    Greetings to scientists, workers of research institutions and universities

    Dear friends,

    I congratulate you on your professional holiday, Belarusian Science Day.

    Today knowledge plays a crucial role in the formation of the competitive economy and improvement of people’s living standards. The progress of education and science is the pillar of independence and sovereignty of the state, advanced cultural, intellectual and spiritual level of the nation. That is why our country draws huge attention to the preservation and strengthening of Belarusian scientific schools, fulfillment of efficient ideas.

    We rely on the solid scientific, technological and personnel potential which is by right considered our pride. The achievements of Belarusian scientists are appreciated in the world and help raise the prestige of our country in the international arena. But the main thing is that they benefit the society.

    I am convinced that your talent, diligence and unflagging energy will be used in the best interests of native Belarus.

    I wish you strong health, prosperity and every success at work.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko