Aleksandr Lukashenko presents state decorations

    Innovations are the number one priority in Belarus in this five-year period, President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he presented state awards on 1 October.

    “Honorary titles, orders and medals are a well-deserved reward for your work, pride for your relatives, friends and colleagues. You have achieved remarkable results, deserved respect and recognition as real professionals,” Aleksandr Lukashenko told the awardees

    The President noted: “The tomorrow of Belarus is in the hands of proactive and determined people, those who want to make life better and are ready to do their utmost for it. Commitment and hard work are always rewarded. This ceremony is another testimony to that”.

    Among the awardees are representatives of the real production sector. Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized the contribution of Peleng, Atomtekh and Display to the development of the domestic instrument-making industry. These companies came up with competitive science-intensive products that are popular far beyond Belarus. These are radiation measurement instruments, optoelectronic devices, and aircraft boards.

    “Innovations are the number one priority in this five-year period. Therefore, a special focus is placed on research projects, implementation of new ideas and development of new technologies,” the President stressed.

    The head of state pointed to the fact that Belarus “has opted for the economy of knowledge, which is in many ways based on the efforts and vision of managers, talented engineers, innovators and inventors”.

    In this vein, the President praised the achievements of the Soligorsk Institute of Resource Saving that developed modern mining equipment using cutting-edge technologies. The use of the equipment is already generating appreciable economic effect.

    The awardees included the military. “Defense of the Homeland has been an honorable mission in all times. Today you enjoy well-deserved respect and trust of the society; people rely on you. We are proud to cherish heroic traditions of the past, while constantly improving the technical infrastructure of the Armed Forces and personnel training. You have dedicated your life to serving the Homeland, protecting the world and peace. We appreciate your dedication, courage and fidelity to duty,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

    The head of state also awarded athletes and coaches. “Many of you have won the highest sports awards for your country or brought up champions who have beaten a lot of records,” the President said addressing the awardees.

    Honorary titles and state awards were also bestowed upon a number of cultural figures. “In the difficult time like the present it is exceptionally important that art brings out the best in people, promotes moral values and tells a colorful and true story about contemporaries,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

    The President noted that awardees included representatives of various professions. “Your achievements also demonstrate the success in very important sectors of the Belarusian society. They symbolize the country’s recent achievements in industry, technologies, sport and art,” the head of state added. “Your expertise, knowledge and skills serve Belarus and its people. You prove that we can do anything and deal with any challenges together,” the President said.